Hail To The King, Baby

Jack Kirby would have been 95 today. Instead he’s an Eternal.



2 Responses to “Hail To The King, Baby”

  1. Kirby was great, and i continue to discover how great he was when I go back and read his stuff. There is a book out now that is written like “Kirby as Genre” called Godland which is by turns super fun and terribly dark – like the best of Kirby, I think. In Feb. of 2009, I wrote a small article about why I hated how DC handled the “death” of the New Gods, and I think it explains why I love the New Gods by elimination – If you care to read, here it is –

    Happy belated Birthday, Mr. Kirby. You were one of a kind.

    • Great link. And Godland is awesome.

      Wish Kirby would have been renumerated in his lifetime for his incredible creations….

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