Save The Earth! The 70’s Eco-Horror Film Spooktacular @ Hollywood Theatre

Attention Portlandia and wandering Bigfoot: a scant two days after my SECRETS OF THE PARANORMAL 70’S SHOW etc. I will be switching gears but not fears to present my ECO-HORROR FILM SPOOKTACULAR on October 29, 7:00 pm at the gothic glorious Hollywood Theatre, a three screen palace replete with drinks and a fantastic eclectic programming schedule to match San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York and the spaces between. Steven Spielberg’s uber-rare 1971 TV movie SOMETHING EVIL plays at 9:30 pm so come for a Hallow’s Eve of environmental Shocktober!

3 Responses to “Save The Earth! The 70’s Eco-Horror Film Spooktacular @ Hollywood Theatre”

  1. Charley Brady Says:

    As chance would have it I was recently watching John Frankenheimer’s ‘Prophecy’ for the first time in years…eco-disaster spectacular! Totally unappealing leads, big guy in a bear suit and wise Native Americans who aren’t very wise. Dodgy as hell. Best viewed whilst drunk and yet has a weird charm to it that can’t be denied!

    By the way, I loved your ‘Halloween’ audience reaction clip.

  2. Love seeing this stuff, Christian! Got some friends up in Portland -I’m gonna tell them about your show. Looks like a lot of fun.

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