Top Five Posts of 2012


In the interests of compiling at least ONE big list, here for your edification are the most popular posts of the year here. Y’all have great taste:

1. Jeaun Giraud aka Moebius RIP

“A puckish salute to the seminal French artiste.” – Le Monde

2. Forgotten Films: Netflix Streaming Theatre Edition

“Perhaps the greatest survey of rare films available on Netflix instant watch.” – Somebody at Criterion

3. Retro-View: Big Trouble In Little China

“Seminal and hugely popular essay about Carpenter’s most beloved cult film, alright?” – Quentin Tarantino in a dream

4. Sci-Fi Dystopia Theatre: Logan’s Run (1976)

“Are you fucking out of your gourd, Divine? You don’t think I’m going to read some dumbass blog post about that turkey, do you? How about a treatise on KRAKATOA, EAST OF JAVA while you’re at it? This is why I hate the fucking web. Say Goodnight Gracie.” – Harlan Ellison

5. Band On The Run

“Mr. McCartney’s lawyers expect this post to be taken down immediately on this day, December 31, 2012 or face rendition and thousand pound fee.”


5 Responses to “Top Five Posts of 2012”

  1. Y’know what? I’d love to hear what you have to say about Krakatoa, East of Java! (And Russell Rouse’s 1966 epic The Oscar, too…)

    Enjoyed your work this year; looking forward to 2013!

  2. I (gently) call shenanigans. Upon revisiting the above, I found at least two to be written pre-2012. But I love ’em anyway. Still haven’t found that Logan’s Run extended cut I was so sure I had. As for 2012, my favorite post was the one where we celebrated Jack Kirby’s birthday.

  3. christian Says:

    The Top Posts Of 2012 does not equal the date the post was written – these are the the Biggest HIt Posts Of 2012 – straight from Word Press.

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