Friday 400,000 Hits Song: Duran Duran

Somebody will write the history of bloggers one day and it likely won’t be me. But it’s a fascinating cultural subset and some of the best writing I’ve ever read on film has stemmed from the webs and it’s faceless un or underpaid toilers. I have to thank the irritable loathsome Jeff Wells for one thing: I needed my own site to vent, share or praise — and particularly to read all the comments which is the real reward. So here we are four years later and we’re still here sadly minus Mr. Peel’s Sardine Liquer, one of the best sites for in-depth cine-analaysis; I found whenever I was thinking about a certain film, Mr. Peel would write about it and vice-versa. And we did get to attend a sparkling night at a Hollywood screening of S.O.B. with Blake Edwards shortly before his passing. Julie Andrews sat a couple rows in front of us – the closest I’ll get to royalty. But Mr. Peel is moving on and I get the impulse. I’ve had romantic notions about my final post, yet I’ll want to post about LEGEND OF THE SEVEN GOLDEN VAMPIRES or rant against the real ghouls of the NRA. At some point I’ll share some of the cool stuff happening in my film life that’s kept me away from TD for longer spurts this past year and a half. And a blog is like a plant, feed it Seymour or it dies. So I post because I must. Despite the comments dropping dramatically (no worries; we’re all busy), my hits are increasing. And while 400,000 views is nothing compared to well, a video of a cat stretching on the floor, it’s almost half a million. It’s nice to have almost half a million of ANYTHING. So we’ll keep on truckin’ and this Friday Song goes out to my global audience. You all know much I love Duran Duran, but this apropos 2000 tune (one of their very best and originally penned for Blondie) called “Pop Trash Movie” sums up things much more than I can. So thanks for the hits and let’s all do lunch some day.


3 Responses to “Friday 400,000 Hits Song: Duran Duran”

  1. Congrats, christian. Comments may be down, but you have loyal readers that look forward to whatever you write, my friend.

  2. I think the comments thing has a lot to do with people’s (my) familiarity and comfort with the Facebook model and its “like” button. Here, I have to ‘log in” if I want to comment (and the FB link didn’t work) I also would have to create ANOTHER account with word press if I just want to “like” a post here. It’s stopped me more than once. Not really meant as a complaint – just observation. After all, here I am commenting now and I do check-in regularly. :)

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