Coming Soon: Saturday Nite Drive-In

yoursignTo be precise, SATURDAY NITE DRIVE-IN: AUTO-EXPLOITATION 1964 – 1984, as my next thematic clip trip at Other Cinema in San Francisco will center on a subject dear to my cine-soul, the peak and demise of the drive-in and its eternal place in American movie culture. More pimping to come but here’s the official OC calendar blurb and you should come to all the shows as it’s the greatest center for fringe, outre and experimental film in the Bay Area.

Cult-film expert Christian Divine trucks in with a cavalcade of clips about the uniquely American phenomenon of the Drive-In Movie from its 60’s exploitation peak to its 80’s demise. The final frontier of guerrilla showmanship, drive-ins exploited a lurid repertoire of Hollywood actioners and independent grindhouse fare. The activity was ritualized around the automobile, and the romance of expansive viewing under the stars was counterpointed by violence and copious sex on the super wide screen (and in the back seats). Representative titles like BLOOD FEAST, BILLY JACK, DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, THE WILD ANGELS, NIGHT CALL NURSES, SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT and so many more are organized into a prototypical Saturday-night al fresco experience, compressing years of film- and car-culture into Christian’s wildly entertaining—and obsessively researched—lecture-multi-clip experience. Free popcorn. $7


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