Passover/Easter Song: Ben Hur

From the wonderful 1959 William Wyler epic, which I saw in a 70mm print during the early aughts at an American Cinematheque screening with Charlton Heston in person. It was cool seeing one of the most iconic actors in the flesh for the first time as he moved slowly past me in the aisle, older but dignified, with an amazing dashing eagle-esque profile. I stood immediately to help get his deserved standing O on, and I swear he pointed at me and laughed with real pleasure and became young as the whole theater stood in chorus. Wish you had been there. Now you are. And what a terrific cinematic biblical tale, which is not something one can often claim. The magnificent theme by Miklos Rosza sets the eternal stage, and no matter what your faith or lack of, this is spiritual music in the best sense, leaving you inspired and rejuvenated…


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