Audio Ground Zero For Hipsters


I’ve been into Boards Of Canada before anybody, man. Or at least before anybody I knew. Well, okay, I knew a couple of people. Among the millions I didn’t. Some of whom might have been into Boards Of Canada before me. I said, SOME. Having established my street cred, I’m a fan. And the viral release campaign for their latest, “Tomorrow’s Harvest,” is one of the best I’ve ever seen, a rare feat in this age of niche and corporate muzak. I knew things were getting weird when a Nerd Grrl passed by me outside my favorite cafe in Seattle, Bauhaus Books/Coffee (speaking of harvesting, their block is to be razed for a garage and boutiques) actually carrying a glossy pre-release copy of the new BOC LP. I could feel the cultural fabric of hipster space/time split asunder under the urban Northwest sky. What better atmosphere for “Tomorrow’s Harvest,” a sonic tonic for the dystopic world — or as the best description I’ve yet read:  “A soundtrack to a cold-war Italian exploitation horror film.”


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