33 Years Later…

friday_the_13th-posterThe only use of the word “subtle” describing anything in this never-dying series that even more than HALLOWEEN (1978) created the slasher film genre (whose value I leave up to you) remains the original 1980 poster. I always liked that image of the forlorn camp counselors casually looking out into the ominous forest night. You can almost hear one of them saying, “I’ll be right back, I just have to get something from my car…no, I’ll go alone…” And below is a treasured pic of yours truly in the front row watching FRIDAY THE 13TH IN 3-D at the Bagdad Theater in Portland…ki ki ki…ma ma ma…

CAD - Baghdad 3D

3 Responses to “33 Years Later…”

  1. The poster is beautiful. I included it in a “20 best posters of the ’80s” piece I did. A commenter reminded me that Jason wasn’t the killer in the first movie, but the idea is that the camp is INSIDE the killer. The killer instinct is as natural as the outdoors, as adolescence.

    I don’t think the artist (Alex Ebel) had any idea who the killer was, in any event.

    The franchise itself has grown on me. Have you seen Part VIII? Truly horrible and shameless, but I could watch the boxing scene over and over:

    • I’d definitely put the poster in the top 20 of the 80’s. The first four FRIDAY THE 13TH are undeniable guilty pleasures and I adore FT13TH3D. The scene above is awesome — the 007 Bond opening from Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI sums up where things were going…

  2. shawn amato Says:

    i have seen all of these in the theatre since the first. they are definitely decreasing in quality after 2 but damn when i saw part 4 in the packed theatre i was enjoying myself! guilty pleasure from my youth! time well spent!!

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