Vincent Price: Monster Kid

Hard to believe Vincent Price left our realm on this day in 1993. Nobody could better eulogize him than John Water’s heartfelt tribute now running on TCM — and leave it to Waters to bring a tear to my eye as he waxes on the effect Vincent Price had on his life and ours — so I won’t bother but this image says a thousand words:


5 Responses to “Vincent Price: Monster Kid”

  1. Victor De Leon Says:

    Going to see 35mm prints of both The Raven and House of Usher later this month. I can’t wait! Price is my hero. I love so many of his films and I hold him in such high regard. This was a great post! Price will indeed be always missed.

    • In 35mm! What a great night of Poe and Price!

      • Victor De Leon Says:

        Roger Corman will be here Nov 2nd to receive The George Eastman Award and Joe Dante will be presenting it to him. I’ll be helping out hopefully that night as an usher.

        Meanwhile, all month they have been screening his films. They also screened Bucket of Blood and The Intruder with William Shatner. I’m pretty stoked to be able to see his films on the big screen. I am a big fan of the Poe films with Vincent Price.

  2. A bit late seeing this Victor but I certainly envy the month of Price screenings you’ve been seeing. On your mention of Joe Dante–by coincidence I had watched ‘Matinee’ again the other night and what a lovely and affectionate homage to the William Castle era it is. Goodman is wonderful in it and it’s just a plain lovely movie.

    ‘Helping out that night as an Usher?’…Oh yeah.

    Christian, I’ve been away too long! Keep flying the flag…


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