Goodbye, Mr. Bond

Like many OHMSS fanatics, I’m endlessly intrigued by the many tales of Why George Lazenby Walked Away From James Bond. I saw him speak at a screening where he blamed himself and his manager for thinking that 007 was a 1960’s relic that wouldn’t fly with the flower children. OHMSS in fact easily beat out EASY RIDER’S box office tho the two films were neck in neck for a period, illustrating the era’s cultural schism — or ignoring the more valid theory that even dirty hippies enjoyed the taste of jet set sex snobbery and violence. I’m dying to see Lazenby’s famous Johnny Carson appearance, the day before the film’s US premiere, where he showed up in beard (which caused UA to not pay for his American trip), played the iconic ski chase clip to great applause and announced to Carson’s surprise that he would not be James Bond again. In lieu of that tape deep in the Carson archive, here’s George Lazenby in February of 1970 going into great detail about his problems on set and after. Incredibly, he was still being courted to sign a multi-picture 007 deal by Eon Productions, but you can see the beginning of the end here. This is a poignant and cautionary clip for somebody who thought he had all the time in the world…


4 Responses to “Goodbye, Mr. Bond”

  1. George did seem to do everything in his power to blow up this headline role, and subsequently any chance at a bigger career.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    he also contacted eon after dalton left the role to make himself available to them again!

  3. Lazenby offered his services up again to the franchise when dalton left- the train had long since left the station by that time. Sad mistake as I would have loved to see him mature in the 007 role but it was not meant to be.

    • christian Says:

      He told our audience that Cubby Broccoli took him into a room with a wall of books and said he could have a million dollars just to pick his own non-Bond project. How do you turn that down?

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