Wise On A Birthday Party

rolling-stone-cover-volume-414-2-2-1984-duran-duranHas it been 30 years since Duran Duran reached their cultural apex with the 1983 release of “Seven & The Ragged Tiger” — certainly one of the oddest titled top ten albums in pop history (and that Nick Rhodes hates). Like a lush Swatch timed to the beat of the new romantic era, this LP was more synth jangly than the smooth Euro-sylings of “Rio” and at the time, I really hated the band. For no other reason then they were way too popular and “The Reflex” annoyed me. Then I started listening to their music and realized that I actually loved them and have never stopped. The first Duran Duran song I knew would be a life keeper remains “The Seventh Stranger,” a melancholic paen to acceptance (without one rhyming word and Simon LeBon’s most pure poetry) and fittingly, the last song on the disc. Here they are at the final show of their final tour as a complete 80’s band in Oakland, California, looking through the eyes of a million strangers…

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