Friday Song: Enigma

I have warm memories of hosting poetry readings in Long Beach under misty skies at the long gone Moonbeam Cafe, the air electric with pith and actually little pretension, as the jukebox repeatedly played tracks from the German band Enigma’s 1990 groundbreaking hit disc, MCMXC a.D. Merging Gregorian chants with techno beats was a then bold idea still in overuse today. My favorite track is of course the shortest and most melodic, “The Voice of Enigma,” a soothing cinematic spiritual welcome to the 90’s and a new age, another world of music…

2 Responses to “Friday Song: Enigma”

  1. I worked in a few music stores in the early ’90s, and we had this album and the next one on constant rotation. Likely a major influence on my love of ambient and space music.

    • It was definitely a sonic mainstay. I’m a lifelong aficianado of ambient music too and this hit all the right sweet spots. In the same vein almost a decade later came Delirium:

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