Happy Birthday Buck Henry

Not only did he write the tight screenplays for the iconic THE GRADUATE (1967) and the misunderstood masterpiece CATCH-22 (1970), Buck Henry also adapted CANDY from Terry Southern’s best-selling sex/satire version of “Candide.” The film is a vibrant mess ala the same year’s SKIDOO (1968) and so many others of the era, but the cast is to die for and Marlon Brando is actually pretty damn funny as a huckster guru. The soundtrack is a gem as well and though the film is post diagnosed as a disaster, it was one of the biggest hits of the year along with Ewa Aulin’s iconic b&w poster. Today it’s a strange and wonderful albeit unrealized cornucopia of big budget sexploitation. When I met Buck Henry at the Austin Film Festival many years ago, we discussed the troubled production of TOWN & COUNTRY (2001) and of course, CANDY. After I told him that more people should be exposed to the film, he patted my shoulder and said, “Good luck.” Thanks Buck.



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