The Amazing Mary Jane

Tho I loved Spider-Man as did many Marvel Kids, I was never a regular reader or collector. Mainly because Jack Kirby almost never drew him (tho he did help design him). But I never forgot the first appearance of Mary Jane Watson in “The Amazing Spider-Man” #42 (circa 1966) which I first read in a giant-size Marvel reprint from the 70s. Our troubled hero Peter Parker was finally feeling less alienated with a new confidence and friends while his Aunt May repeatedly tried to set him up with the unseen girl next door. In one of the all time great comic book reveals courtesy of Stan Lee and John Romita, Parker finally meets his female match as shown below. My Spidey Senses still tingle at this provocative entrance…


2 Responses to “The Amazing Mary Jane”

  1. I love the teaser for next ish: “Next: THE RHINO on the rampage!” in big fatty letters. Yeah!

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