Happy Record Store Day

Yes, it’s a big weekend for Easter, Passover, and of course, 420. But it’s also Record Store Day, started in 2007 by independent shop owners as a way to recognize and celebrate the history of vinyl, along with the importance of a physical locale where tangible culture is bound by intersecting human atoms (I told you it’s also 420, dude). Vinyl has not died despite the endless tech predictions followed by bursts of big media notice (“Records Are Still Cool!”). DJ culture is just the spine to the vinyl skeleton and LP’s still deliver an analog warmth and sound unmatched by any digital binary code — not to mention the tactile esthetic pleasure of sleeve design and weight is one of life’s cultural pleasures. What I’m getting at man, is like, records are US and we are RECORDS. Now go visit your favorite local record shoppe to spin round and round in celebration…

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