Swiss Made ’68


H.R.Giger’s first film as a designer was actually produced in 1968 – a 35mm science fiction short called SWISS MADE 2069 co-directed by Giger and F.M. Muher about an alien coming to Earth to record its experiences. I’ve never seen a copy of this in any form, even bootleg, but here’s a clip from a Giger documentary. And it’s odd that the film’s poster is defiantly the opposite of his unique style. I first read about SWISS MADE 2069 in Cinefantastique’s incredible ALIEN profile and I immediately fell in love with the design of the alien, an archetypal Giger biomechanoid, but fused with a 16mm camera and Nagra tape deck instead of sexual organs. There’s even a cute little alien dog with a Giger biomechanics shell. This man should have been working non-stop in cinema instead of being misused and misappropriated by lesser artists. Still, he achieved global fame and success and his strange body of work will live in our psyches long past 2069…Now. Who’s got a copy of this film?



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