Day Of Infamy


4 Responses to “Day Of Infamy”

  1. Boy, the Horniest…errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, excuse moi…..I meant The Greatest Generation EVER certainly had a fit over this film. I dug it. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. “1941” fascinates me. I’ve seen it in the theater, on VHS, laserdisc and DVD…but, I can’t say I’ve (really) liked it any single viewing. It’s a veritable Who’s Who of late ’70’s Young Hollywood and it has a number of terrific scenes (the air battle over Hollywood Blvd. is great), yet…I dunno. I do LIKE the poster!

    • I keep watching it in flawed fascination, tho there are things to love here: the last gasp of Hollywood’s greatest miniature work; the still awesome dancehall musical number; John William’s rousing score; John Candy; Joe Flaherty; Dan Ackroyd; Eddie Deezen and his dummy; Toshiro Mufurne and Christopjer Lee in a Spielberg film; WARREN OATES!; and Robert Stack crying in DUMBO…

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