Vaya Con Dios, Moco

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You knew Peter Marquardt as the white-suited villain from EL MARIACHI (1992) – I knew him as Moco and as “Peter” when we worked together at Ion Storm in one of those amazing moments from the late late 20th century. He introduced me to Robert Rodriguez at his home for a memorable evening among other Texas moments captured in my mind. Peter was fun to work with and fun to laugh with and that’s a good memory to carry. He’s also within the DNA of indie film history. Adios, Peter.

Saturday Afternoon Monster Magazine ’73

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Imagine this on the newsstands and comic book shops in 1973…


Eli Wallach

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I tire of obits for my friends and heroes, so let’s just remember Eli Wallach not just as a scion of Kazan and Tuco, but for his confused well-intentioned father in the histrionic little seen 1970 wonder, THE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR. The poster says it all as does the amazing scene where Wallach confronts a full frontal naked biker…

People Next Door

Bobby Womack RIP

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When I was in Paris a few weeks ago, I loved seeing big posters around the city for Bobby Womack in concert. I’d like to think he’s playing a heavenly soul choir across the universe now…

Summer Solstice

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In honor of Ray Davies’ birthday and Summer Solstice, you should just relax with an iced coffee and listen to the entirety of The Kink’s 1968 pop pastoral masterpiece, “The Village Green Preservation Society” — the gentle sardonic version of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”…

Happy Sagittarian Strawberry Full Moon

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