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Edgar Froese RIP

Posted in Culture, Film, Music with tags , on January 23, 2015 by christian

Tangerine-Dream-Electronic-Meditation1A music giant has left our realm. I probably wrote about 45% of my scripts to the music of Edgar Froese and his band Tangerine Dream and use them as sonic inspiration to this day. Their groundbreaking electronic pulsing melodic ambience has been part of the soundtrack to most of my teen and adult life. Hard to pick one tribute track, but this small piece from Wolf Grimm’s cult sci-fi film with Fassbinder. KAMIKAZE 1989 (1982), might be my single favorite piece by Froese. Dream on…


Happy Record Store Day

Posted in Culture, Music with tags , on April 19, 2014 by christian

Yes, it’s a big weekend for Easter, Passover, and of course, 420. But it’s also Record Store Day, started in 2007 by independent shop owners as a way to recognize and celebrate the history of vinyl, along with the importance of a physical locale where tangible culture is bound by intersecting human atoms (I told you it’s also 420, dude). Vinyl has not died despite the endless tech predictions followed by bursts of big media notice (“Records Are Still Cool!”). DJ culture is just the spine to the vinyl skeleton and LP’s still deliver an analog warmth and sound unmatched by any digital binary code — not to mention the tactile esthetic pleasure of sleeve design and weight is one of life’s cultural pleasures. What I’m getting at man, is like, records are US and we are RECORDS. Now go visit your favorite local record shoppe to spin round and round in celebration…

Saturday Solstice Song

Posted in Culture, Film, Music on December 21, 2013 by christian

From Duran Duran’s terrific 1986 (minus Roger Taylor and Andy Taylor) “Notorious,” nothing sings grey silver atmospherics like “Winter Marches On”…

A Very Good Year

Posted in Film, Music on December 12, 2013 by christian


Friday Song: Enigma

Posted in Culture, Film, Music on December 6, 2013 by christian

I have warm memories of hosting poetry readings in Long Beach under misty skies at the long gone Moonbeam Cafe, the air electric with pith and actually little pretension, as the jukebox repeatedly played tracks from the German band Enigma’s 1990 groundbreaking hit disc, MCMXC a.D. Merging Gregorian chants with techno beats was a then bold idea still in overuse today. My favorite track is of course the shortest and most melodic, “The Voice of Enigma,” a soothing cinematic spiritual welcome to the 90’s and a new age, another world of music…

Wise On A Birthday Party

Posted in Film, Music on November 20, 2013 by christian

rolling-stone-cover-volume-414-2-2-1984-duran-duranHas it been 30 years since Duran Duran reached their cultural apex with the 1983 release of “Seven & The Ragged Tiger” — certainly one of the oddest titled top ten albums in pop history (and that Nick Rhodes hates). Like a lush Swatch timed to the beat of the new romantic era, this LP was more synth jangly than the smooth Euro-sylings of “Rio” and at the time, I really hated the band. For no other reason then they were way too popular and “The Reflex” annoyed me. Then I started listening to their music and realized that I actually loved them and have never stopped. The first Duran Duran song I knew would be a life keeper remains “The Seventh Stranger,” a melancholic paen to acceptance (without one rhyming word and Simon LeBon’s most pure poetry) and fittingly, the last song on the disc. Here they are at the final show of their final tour as a complete 80’s band in Oakland, California, looking through the eyes of a million strangers…


Posted in Music on October 9, 2013 by christian

From a-ha’s second — and best — LP, Scoundrel Days, here’s one of their finest hours and the perfect autumnal pop: